Here you can get a summary of the expertise of our lawyers in the areas of law in Ukraine: what legal relationships relate to a particular area, and the services our company can offer.

Outsourcing legal and book-keeping service

A company UKRTRUST gives outsourcing services in the field of legal book-keeping services, and also skilled accompaniment of activity of enterprise.

Outsourcing is a transmission by a company on maintenance of other organization of certain tasks or functions which are not profile for a client, but which, nevertheless, are needed for the normal and valuable functioning of company.

Outsourcing of favour can be examined, as a method of optimization of activity of company, due to the transmission of part of functions of the specialized company (legal, book-keeping and other of favour) and concentration of efforts on the basic article of activity of company.

Interaction with state authorities

Interaction with state authorities is an integral part of a company’s activity, beginning with its registration date and ending with its liquidation. Quite often, it is a rather tiring system of procedures at a number of instances, and only experienced specialists can ensure their passage.

Not only will we save you from a range of troubles, but we will also speed up the related procedures by dealing with state authorities on behalf of your company. Besides, we will protect the interests of your company in any arising disputes, and, if necessary, reduce a number of revisions carried out by various authorities and inspections.

We offer:
  • obtaining documents of permitting nature: licenses for certain activities, trade patents, and other permits issued by state authorities (including fire inspection and sanitary control);
  • providing individual legal advice regarding the operation of state authorities;
    registering contracts with state authorities: tax service, bureau of land management etc.;
  • registering businesses;
  • registering all the amendments made into incorporation documents, changes in a company’s business activity;
  • winding-up businesses;
  • challenging state authorities’ decisions in administrative proceedings, including decisions issued by the Tax Administration;
  • legal support during tax audits and inspections performed by other state agencies;
  • representing interests in law enforcement agencies, anti-monopoly or any other state authorities;
  • representing clients in courts.

Corporate legal relationships

One of our activities is to assist clients in corporate relations.
Corporate relationship is a separate sphere of relations, which relate to economic entities. They are based on principles of equity participation of persons in the establishment, operation, modification and termination of business entities regardless of their organizational and legal form of ownership.

If you wish to become a founder of the business, non-profit organization or agency, or trying to make organizational changes in the activity of an already existing entity, to open a branch in Ukraine and abroad, law firm UKRTRAST will give you everything needed for this service.

Real estate, building, land right

Real estate objects are those that cannot be moved without causing significant damage and making it impossible to exploit them for their intended purpose. Such objects shall include: land plots, buildings, residential or non-residential property and other property that is directly connected to the ground. The activity of real estate agencies as well as making transactions for its implementation (sale, lease, exchange), and privatization of real estate objects shall be subject to legal regulation in the area of real estate.

Construction is a process of creating real estate, in particular facilities, buildings and other structures. Real estate development provides for various permits, organization and legalization of the process of facilities building, as well as the process of commissioning of such facilities and their implementation. Furthermore, relationships between a customer and an investor, as well as building, investment and contracting companies shall be subject to legal regulation. Therefore, the construction activities and the conduct of real estate transactions require legal assistance.

Legal services in the area of real estate and construction which can be provided by UKRTRUST law firm:
  • legal analysis of constitutive documents on the matter of their legality;
  • legal check for availability of encumbrances and restrictions imposed on property;
  • drafting or legal analysis of real estate sale agreements;
  • drafting or due diligence of real estate sale agreements;
  • legal assistance in real estate transactions;
  • legal assistance in the matters with registration of property rights;
  • legal advice and legal assistance in obtaining building permit;
  • counselling and legal assistance in the process of a building commissioning;
  • legal assistance in legalization of unauthorized construction;
  • assistance in obtaining documents on unfinished construction project;
  • identification of legal mechanisms of construction investments;
  • legal assistance in obtaining legal title to property;
  • protection and representation of interests in the Technical Inventory Bureau, Department of City Planning and Architecture, land resources agencies and other bodies and organizations.
Lawyer’s work starts at the pre-trial stage, when it’s necessary to work out a proper behaviour pattern and build an evidence base. All the preliminary work will require relevant presentation before the court. After the judge’s ruling, the lawyers can either initiate or control its execution, or challenge it.

Besides, there may arise a necessity in settling the disputes peacefully, which will eliminate the risk of getting unsatisfactory solution in exchange for wasted time and money.

We offer:
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes (drafting of relevant letters, participating in negotiations, drafting of settlement agreements);
  • court representation;
  • challenging of courts decisions through drafting of appeals, cassation appeals, petitions for reviewing court decisions;
  • initiating the execution of court decisions and control over their execution.
Legal analysis and consultation
Legal analysis is lawyer’s getting acquainted with the peculiarities of the situation to be resolved. You will have to give accurate facts of the actual situation to the lawyer and to provide the relevant documents if necessary. Our lawyers will evaluate the information received in terms of its conformity to the laws and regulations, and assess your interest.

Having obtained all the necessary information, the lawyer will be able to provide comprehensive legal advice: suggest various ways of resolving the problem, warn of possible risks and identify potential benefits. In particular, the lawyer can assess the contracts you are to sign.

We offer:
  • verbal and written consultations;
  • explaining of your rights when having a particular status, namely: the heir, the disabled etc.;
  • working out tactics of behaviour in particular situations;
  • legal analysis of the documents to be signed regarding their legality and matching your interests;
  • drafting of agreements on property division, child support back pay, marriage contracts etc., and providing legal advice on their execution;
  • negotiating on behalf of and in the interests of clients.